Fault Gas Probe
Model GP-100

Download PDF specification file (333KB)


Continuous extraction of transformer dissolved fault gases. Gas samples produced can then be analyzed on-site for hydrogen or all fault gases using portable gas analyzers.

Probes are constructed of Teflon and brass with an unlimited lifetime in oil. Temperature range from -40 to 110 C/-40 to 230 F Pressure range from vacuum to 100 psig/690 KPa

1" NPT male pipe plug

7 in/180 mm overall 4.5 in/114 mm insertion depth

Internal Volume with Extension Leads
10 ml/0.6 cubic inches

Extension Leads - Material
Copper capillary tubing (0.026 in/0.7 mm ID) terminated with standard 1/8" copper tube ends. Swagelok connections.

Extension Leads - Dimensions
Standard length of 15 ft/4.6 m. Different lengths available on request.

Test Station - Material
Impact and flame resistant polystyrene. Brass Swagelok connectors.

Test Station - Dimensions
4.3 in/110 mm x 4.3 in/110 mm x 2.6 in/66 mm.

Warranty and Support
Morgan Schaffer Systems' fault gas detection equipment is backed by a 12 month factory warranty. On-line monitors can be installed on-site by our technical personnel if required. GP-100 gas extractors must be factory installed by transformer manufacturers.

Note: Continuing research and improvements may result in specification or appearance changes at any time.